We address public health needs by developing a self-amplifying RNA-based platform for rapid and scalable manufacturing of innovative medical tools.

Our Technology

Messenger RNA

mRNA serves as intermediate molecule between DNA and proteins. It has the capacity to encode an extensive variety of protein(s) of interest, and hence are excellent tools for the transfer of broad spectrum of disease-specific antigens for prophylactic vaccination against many infectious disease or proteins via gene supplementation therapies for rare genetic disorders. The transient nature and cytosolic location of RNA improves its safety profile when employed for prophylactic vaccination or gene supplementation therapeutics.

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Self-amplifying RNA

Over conventional mRNA, saRNA contains the replicating capability to amplify the copy number of coding sequences from a single transcript. saRNAs are able to carry larger sequences while generating more RNA. saRNAs are then expected to induce equal or higher required ‘product’ at a much lower dosage.

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Ziphius aims to leverage the use of its self-amplifying RNA platform to create vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases and gene supplementation therapies for rare genetic disorders.

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Ziphius Vaccines’ team consists of a well-balanced group of people with complementary skills and a background ranging from biology, virology, chemistry till pharmaceutical sciences. The team members are united by their common passion for science, health care, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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